Floral Open Abayas

Experiments with colorful abayas have increased, both in terms of fabrics as well as the high-end design that expresses individuality, functions and general awareness of global and environmental change. One of them is floral open abayas.

Designers are starting to look beyond the label of Western fashion for inspiration, developing their own style based on the heritage of the world of fashion. Abaya today has evolved to mean more than one outfit to another outfit. Regardless of the previous attributes, symbolism or the concept of a simple function, the abaya has acquired its own position, thus becoming a piece of basic mode and adding the total value of the clothes.
In the shopping center, women of all ages are seen wearing the floral abaya at the same time and not have to hide anything. And it is now quite common to see them use florals on a coat.

Floral open abayas in today’s world it is the cry of heavy black coat layers in the past.

In addition, many Arab women trying to dress politely abaya completely and have to wear long pants and shirt sets, or long dresses are taken instead. For them, shopping for clothes has become much easier in recent years, as the moderate’s clothing has become an international trend. E-commerce platform that sells the luxury design for customers is proof that covers the magnitude of movement simple wear.

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