The Kimono Abaya

The Kimono Abaya has turned into a prominent style in the West for quite a while. This fit is broadly worn in UAE and neighboring nations. It is perfect since it is unassuming yet, in addition, a cutting edge trade for a cardigan or long coat. It can be worn both shut and open. This Kimono Abaya is anything but difficult to style with a dark maxi dress or abaya. It can be matched superbly with a thin midsection dress to include more scope and humility.

Dubai-based kimono abaya stamp by a couple Nemanja Valjarevic and Nina Trojanovic, both at first from Belgrade, Serbia. In the midst of a trip to Japan, the couple was pulled in to the standard kimono and later discovered parallels between the Arab and Japanese social orders similar to dressing. Now kimono abaya trade all over the world.


kimono abaya

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